DS is pronounced "Déesse" in french, which means Goddess.

The DS is THE icon of the French automobile of the 20th century. Elected "favorite car of the Frenches" in a survey conducted in 2015. 

Its reputation is worldwide: voted "Most Beautiful Car of All Time" by an international jury in 2009. In this ranking it is ahead of the Jaguar XK120 and the Ferrari 275GTB.


Introduced in 1955, the DS revolutionized the automotive industry with its extremely advanced technologies and its futuristic and aerodynamic curves. It was far ahead of its time and its success was immediate.


We have the privilege to present you a one-off model, the only one in the world:

It is a DS 21 Pallas, produced in 1973 in the Citroën workshop of Quai de Javel in the heart of Paris. It was later converted to a convertible limousine at the manner of the DS of Presidents De Gaulle and Pompidou. It was fully restored in 2016.

You sit comfortably on the thick and soft leather seats, in a refined, elegant and glamorous environment. Top down, you enjoy the panoramic view, hair in the wind, with a glass of champagne.

The revolutionary hydro-pneumatic suspension provides exceptional comfort, you feel like riding on a air cushion.

This gorgeous limousine is ideal for long and safe trips with up to 3 or 4 passengers.


The summum of luxury: you can opt for the minibar at your disposal, containing a bottle of champagne and crystal flutes. Cheers!


This highly exclusive DS represents the excellence of the French automobile combined with the top of vintage French luxury.

Don’t be surprised if you receive curious or admiring glances from onlookers during your trip: because it is more than a car, it is a Goddess !!!