Ferrari: a legendary make that unleashes the craziest passions. An unparalleled racing pedigree.

Extremely desirable and exceptional cars, blending cutting edge technologies from the race world with the best of Italian style.


This 1986 Ferrari Mondial in its rare cabriolet version (only 810 produced) offers an elegant line signed by the famous coachbuilder Pininfarina, highlighted in the Rosso Corsa color typical to the brand.

It was one of the last creations of the great Enzo Ferrari before his death in 1988. He showed great creativity in creating this model unique in the world, being the only four-seater cabriolet with central engine.


Hair in the wind, enjoy the fabulous music of the legendary 32-valve V8 Ferrari 3.2L delivering an angry 270 HP at 7000 rpm!


A Ferrari is not only an engine: it is also a very efficient chassis that does not forget the comfort of its passengers.

The finishes are not left behind, the Mondial being the top model among the Ferrari V8 of the 80s.


This mythical Ferrari is a very sensational machine.

It will let you with unforgettable memories!